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The video seems to capture the creation of a dinosaur or starting over. The video documents the process of painting the dinosaur. Maybe this could be the birth of a new dinosaur? The video documents the create or act of bringing it into a new existence. I am not sure if it is intentional that mouth and eyes were done last?


This video seems to tell a story about life. I like how the candle is created without the use of hands. The candle creation seems to represent birth. The candle continues to burn which seems to represent life. The use of time lapse is a great choice to show the candle burn and then finally burn out. To me this is beautiful video about life and death.


The video seems to narrate our story about what is currently going on in our world. It seems to tell a story of our new normal during the Coronavirus. I think it is a beautiful story about how humanity has come back in these hard times. We can still find the beauty during these hard times where people are coming together unlike before. The video depicts how people have adapted to the new norm in a wonderful way. I like the use of different swipes to transition to the next image.


Wow! The editing of this video is incredible. Each shot is carefully thought through. I see a lot of repetitiveness in the video. Could be reflection on the current stay at home situation. It seems like every day is the same thing over and over. The video also seems to show two parts to the same person. The end shot is incredible. Maybe it is trying capture escape. Windows look out to the world. I am wondering why the figures start at the top and work their way down.

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